April 11, 2007

The real big Question

We all have -even if denied- seen another person. The flash sight of a pretty girl or a real hot girl. But when does flirting becomes cheating? I know it's a tricky question, but still, we all would feel so much better if we knew.
Here is an article wich leads the answers of many americans about in wich situations they feel like cheating, from the flash pic to the ex relation.
For me, cheating is very simple to understand. Cheating is cheating when you know you are cheating. You may see a girl on the street, no harm done. You could even follow her with you eyes (even the head :P) but still it ain't nothing but a simple (natural) attraction. But when you walk and ask her out... that's different.
I believe the problem comes when you gotta tell if your couple is cheating. Maybe for somebody ending up in bed ain't cheating because of the emotional relation, but maybe it is gor his/her couple. As always, comunication in the relation is the most important key.
Have fun.

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