April 27, 2007

International Underground Tunnel

There's been plan to bring back to life an old project wich would join easter Russia with western USA. This plan first came to scene at the end of the Cold War, the moment Boris Yeltzin (who has just die a few days ago) took the lead of the new russian democracy.
As it was to be expected, with the dead of Yeltzin and the denial of russian goverment to install a missile wall protection for the US, this "armony" plans comes to discussion again.
But seeing beyond the pollitics, this would be a project so huge like nothing ever before. It would mean the first earth transport join between the two continents.
At the same time, this would bring back from death the NY/Paris undersea train.
Hopefully, this project will absorb public atention and we will finally start forgetting the war nonesense and start creating some unity bridges.

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