December 05, 2007

Smashin's Zeitgeist Sizzle Reel!!

wanna see some of the smashing pumpkins music story? is a lil' bit 'bout them and their new album.....It's got cool audio and video edition. Long life to Billy!

November 04, 2007

Día de Muertos en el Zócalo

Tuvimos el agrado de asistir al evento masivo que organizó el gobierno del DF para día de muertos en el zócalo. La neta estuvo bastante chido el asunto. Prácticamente todas las dependencias del gobierno pusieron su ofrenda y dos que tres colectivos le entraron a hacer figuras gigantes, entre las cuales estaban Frida y Diego y El Santo y Blue Demon.

Atascado, como era de esperarse, y con un sol pesadísimo... pero estuvo muy chido.

Nomás pa que noten la escala de las "figuritas"...

Una buena toma :P

Mis niñas con Frida y Diego al fondo...

Parte de las atracciones fue una reproducción del muro de craneos del Templo Mayor... pero creo que como se notará, a Mariana no le hizo mucha gracia... :P

October 26, 2007

The Real Silent Hill - Centralia,PA

October 21, 2007

Sad Man Mask: The Man

Sad Man Mask: The man by ~balam-tzibtah on deviantART

October 14, 2007

That's the Way (My Love Is) - Smashing Pumpkins

October 12, 2007


If this video were true... we could start packing our bags. But it sure looks to me like just some real nice motion tracking...

October 09, 2007


I just found this trailer from a new anime... let's just say as it reads on the trailer: "Experience the visual wonder"

October 07, 2007

Comic Covers 1.1

Con eso de que ahora me estoy redescubriendo la ilustración... me dí a la tarea de volver a informarme del comic... y pos encontré estas portadas que estás de poca

El número uno de las Tortugas Ninja... y eran una sátira de Dare Devil de Frank Miller, por eso todas tienen en realidad el antifaz rojo y el arte era tan libre.

El buen Chuck... yo nisiquiera sabía que tenía comic...

Una triste parodia de Star Wars... además de que estaba patrocina por la compañía de luz...

Este Pinp del buen Mike Mignola... las chicas dan pena... pero el Mojojo está de lujo

... qué mas puedo decir...?

Tiene que admitir que esta "coleccion de un numero" no tiene abuela...

Todo un clásico del aparato propagandistico gringo de la WW2

Tenían que hacerlo...

Toda la explicación está de poca...

October 02, 2007

T.M.N.T. in America and in Japan...

Talking about cultural differences, here's what happens when an icon crosses a sea. The Ninja Turtles where created as a parody of Frank Miller's comics in the 80's and as a punk-surf critic ideal. This radical movements that drove USA to the edge in the 80's was way far from the early 90's Japan, that was working hard to be the nation it is today.

There, the Ninja Turtles are sort of the mighty pets of Sailor Moon :P and followed the popular scheme that has worked for decades in Japan. Transformation, mechas, merging powers... turning it all Japanese... even the turtles physic changes and turn into a totally Asiatic look.

Here's the opening of the TMNT cartoon we know and an episode of the manga-like TMNT Japanese kids grew with.

Jesus VS Terminator...

Y pos ya que estamos en esas... Esto apareció hace un rato en Mad TV y está de poca...

Robocop VS Terminator Part 2

Please watch the first part below

Robocop VS Terminator Part 1

This is gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever seen... hehehe... but it's done so nice...

Angel Sketch

September 29, 2007

Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started... or Retarded?

September 28, 2007

Spiderman: Friend or Foe Cinematic

September 24, 2007


Bueno... como ya la mayoría ha de saber, el pasado 31 de agosto me eche un santo clavado en un parque ahí por insurgentes. Dado que en la caída mis manos no tuvieron nada que ver... el resultado fue la mitad de mi cara golpeada y raspada y tres semanas de incapacidad.

Como esto fue un viernes a la hora de la comida, se encontraban conmigo mis cuates de sistemas y Klaus tuvo a bien grabar nuestras estupideces y por tanto, la caída... y ahora, gracias a la magia de YouTube, les presento la grabación del madrazo... jajaja

Queden advertidos, (en especial si son familiares mios propensos a impresionarse fácilmente.. jejeje) que el madrazo se ve un poco aparatoso e impresiona un poco... jajajajaja

Esta foto fue tomada al día siguiente...

Esta fue durante la grabación de uno de nuestros cortos en el que no fui mucho mas que un vil observador... jajajaja... y estoy con el buen Sadot y el señor Rodrigo. Nótese que aunque el golpe fue del otro lado, el ojo izquierdo terminó morado...bueno, amarillo... lo cual me daba la apariencia de haber sido todo golpeado... jajajaja

Y pos esta ya es de la semana pasada... ya nomas con costras y eso... jajaja

¿Cómo ven?... estuvo con todo el golpe ¿no? jajajajaja
Ya nomás quiero agradecerle a Claudia, Mony y Jesús por haberme echado la mano ahí en el parque... a todo los CTPeros por el apoyo y los comentarios sarcásticos (que bien que ayudan... jeje) a mi familia por ayudarme estos dias... a Mich y Marianita por hacerme reír y provocar que me queden cicatrices en la comisura... jajaja.... y en especial a buen señor Benjamín por haberme ayudado y acompañado al hospital (se agradece enormemente :D)

Así que ya saben... aunque este golpe de una manera muy extraña me ayudo en mucho (a veces se necesita una caida así pa ordenar las ideas....... :S) la moraleja de la historia es: NO HAGAN TONTERIAS!!!! jajajajaja...

Marcel Marceu

The greatest mime, Marcel "Marceu" Mangel died on September 22th. He was the only one who brought back to live the art of mimes after the World War II and he founded the greatest mime school in Paris.

September 23, 2007

Why Not?

NASA has discovered seven big caves over Mars surface. They are by the tallest mountain in the whole planet and they might be huge. As in Earth, caves do preserve heat in the cold nights of mars and keep from the extreme heat/radiation that the unprotected atmosphere of mars present during day time. This kind of caves might have had, or still might have, living organism.

But NASA scientist discard this seven caves, nicknamed "Seven Sisters", for they are too high and (I quote) "Live can't be supported at that high". Of course caves would seem like a familiar spot for the first people on mars, and of course a cave at that high might be not useful, but as for Martian life... why not???

Live have show us that it can hang on anywhere, even when we thought seas where too deep or volcanoes too hot, it has managed to go on. Interesting and almost philosophical issue... Here's the note.

PS. Please notice that this Seven Sisters are almost perfectly round... mmmm

September 13, 2007

Ironman Movie Trailer

September 11, 2007

Salt Water as Fuel

In a discovery that everybody is calling "The greatest in 100 years", a doctor that was researching possible cures for cancer, discovered that with radio frequency he could burn the salt in water uo to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is HUGE!!!!

We're talking that the greatest resource in this planet is exploitable as a fuel and it is also regenerable. We could use as much water as needed and still have enough for thousands of generations. This might be, if proved right, the solution to long term Global Warming and it is also a great breakthrough as far a alternative technologies, for a couple of years ago, this discovery would've been kept by the big oil companies.

Let's just remember that the first fuel for machines was water, as vapor. And it really worked. The main issue was the need for wood or carbon to ignite and vaporize water. This problem is now solved by radio frequency wich only needs a thind electric impulse to work.

Hopefully, this will be the discovery that will change our way of life.

See the note here

September 10, 2007

Architecture In Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind

El buen Rodrigo me acaba de pasar este link... ta muy bueno :D

September 09, 2007

Was Will Shakespeare for real?

After years and years of reading Shakespeare, a "coallition" has declared that they seriously doubt that Shakespeare had wrote his plays, since his humble origins would not have allow him to know the dark secrets of his age, specially since in that time power circles were so tight.

It is actually an interesting idea, that people like Chaplin, Wells or Twain have supported in the past. I leave you the link to the main page of this coallition:

September 04, 2007

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

August 31, 2007


for you are not here

We Feel Fine

This is a site where you upload the way you feel in order to fill a screen with tiny dots, each one a link to a feeling of someone around the world. Not my kindda of site, but it surely is a good idea... and it really is emotional.


I knew about this site from years ago, but now I know how to spell the name and post it here... Check this NAILS section (or just click over the word....) for it's the best part. The main page is here:

Flying Cars

The name is Moller's Skycar M400, and it may pass to history as the first flying car ever sold. It was build by Paul Moller and it's the first vehicle that will really be of personal use and that can actually make a change in the way we live, sort of like the change from horses to cars.

The M400 is build by hi tech materials and is equipt with a GPS that does the navigation easier. Also, it comes along with a parachute and a huge airbag that would deploy from below the craft in case of a crash.
Although the idea is quite old -Ford predicted it...- having the necessary infrastructure for this kind of transportation is the hard part.

That's why, NASA (probably in an attempt to be usefull to it's nation again) has declared that they own the technology to trace sky lines in order to create sky highways... like in Blade Runner....

It is said that this car has actually achieved 600 mph... but on this video we can barely see it take off. I leave it to you... but the fact is that in a short while makind's way of living may change just as it did more than 100 years ago with Henry Ford.

August 28, 2007

Do Penguins Fly?

Hahahaha.. . this one's gotta be one of the funniest animated shortfilms I've seen!!!

One Rat Short

August 26, 2007

En el Piraña

Nos lanzamos al Bar Piraña, que está en Albaro Obregon, en la Roma. Después de tres bandas ma o menos... pero pa cerrar, escuchamos a dos muy buenas bandas: La primera se llama Larva, quienes tocan Death/Trash Metal bastante conceptual con una excelente propuesta en el escenario. El vocal resultó ser un chavo que se veía extremadamente tranquilo... pero ya en escena, sus facciones y comportamiento se transformaban... y las dos chicas de la guitarra y el bajo realmente se discutían con la fuerza de su música y pues del bataco ni se diga... creo que el nunca descanso.
Después entró a escena Cubiky, una banda de Los Angeles que se discute muy chido en rock un tanto funk / progresivo (por extraño que parezca). De ellos, el bataco es el que se llevó la noche, demostrnado que no solo sabía pegarle duro a los tambores, sino que realmente es un músico estudiado.

Les dejo los links a las páginas de MySpace de las bandas y si pueden, compren sus discos, que están muy buenos.




El buen Ruben abrió su tienda de ropa llamada Hero. El diseña todo la ropa, desde elegir tela hasta el diseño de los estampados. Les recomiendo mucho le caigan, la ropa está muy chida. Hero está en 16 de septiembre con Palmas, en el centro.

August 22, 2007

La historia del joven Cristian Mitre

Todos sabemos que la ciudad de México es peligrosa, pero esta historia es realmente aterradora. Como todo buen reportaje profesional, está narración está documentada fotográficamente. Algunas de las imágenes pueden ser perturbadoras...

El día 22 de agosto del 2007, el joven Cristian Mitre se encontraba laborando felizmente como cualquier otro día.
Cerca de las 3 de la tarde, Cristian recibió una llamada anónima, donde fue advertido de que por no haber participado en una de las cadenas de correo electrónico de Gisela, tendría 7 años años de mala suerte, problemas intestinales y perdida de memoria permanente... a parte de que algo malo le sucedería muy pronto.

Alrededor de las 3 con dos minutos y 38 segundos, el joven Cristian fue atacado por un comando armado.

Poco después de haber sido golpeado, pateado y vi... olentado, el joven Cristian fue secuestrado por otro de los integrantes del grupo armado.

No se supo nada de el hasta 10 minutos después, cuando un experto grupo de forenses encontró los restos del joven escondidos en cajas de pizza y botes de refresco. La osamenta fue encontrada en las cercanías, sobre una computadora. (Las siguientes imágenes pueden ser un poco agresivas a la vista, en especial la del forense en bata... están advertidos)

El experto forense recolectando los intestinos del joven Cristian Mitre

Aquí fueron encontrados los restos.

La policia capitalina a solicitado a la sociedad tome sus precauciones, ya que los sujetos responsables de estos actos son sumamente peligrosos. Afortunadamente se lograron obtener fotos recientes de los atacantes:

Ambos son sumamente peligrosos, en especial a las 9 de la mañana cuando no han tomado su café y se les acabaron los cigarros.
Cualquier información, favor de comunicarse al 01800-GRISCONTESTA de 8 y media de la mañana a 9 de la mañana.

August 15, 2007

Daymare Town
Bonita aventura gráfica, consigue salir de la ciudad resolviendo diferentes puzzles

Resuelve diferentes puzzles para conseguir salir de la habitación, recoge diferentes objetos y úsalos correctamente

August 08, 2007

9 Dragons Hexa

9 Dragons Hexa
Mueve los hexágonos y combina como mínimo tres del mismo color para eliminarlos y pasar a la siguiente fase

August 06, 2007

Kumakeshi Puzzle Game

August 04, 2007

What does a fertile Oregon schoolyard have to learn from the barren Nazca plain?

August 03, 2007

Global Warmings gets even more pollitical

I'm kindda busy, but here are some links to news about Global Warming and how it has finally turned completely into a political issue, from the U.S. presidency race to a long term power struggle.

August 02, 2007

The first step in learning

A few hours ago, I was showing Mariana the proportion between the Earth and the Sun with a simple Power Point Slide Show my sister sent me this morning. My mom was with us combing Mariana's hair. I told Mariana something like: "This is our Sun and Earth (next slide) ...and this is our Sun compared with another suns all around the Galaxy..."

My mom, having heard this, was like: "No way!!!... There are more than one sun?!!!"

Obviously, Mariana and I were totally astonished... My mom, a 25 years teacher, doesn't know that stars are other planetary systems suns... even my 7 year old daughter knows it... but my mom didn't.

Now, I'm not writing this to make fun of my mom. At all. I'm writing this because she, at her 51 years old, didn't know this. I asked her what did she think that stars were, and she simply replied: "I've never thought about it"

The lesson my mom taught me tonight is that there are a million things that I don't know because I've never wonder about them, because I simply take 'em for granted.

I explained both my mom and Mariana about the different sizes and ages of stars and now they both now a bit more about it. Now I'm happy because I know that my mom will look up to the sky next time and wonder about far away suns... night will never be the same for her from tonight on. That's the first step in learning: To find out that we ignore something.

July 27, 2007


Chequen este juego, ta idiotizante:


July 25, 2007

Sobre Agujeros Negros

Rapido: Ayer estaba viendo un documental sobre la vida Stephen Hawking, en donde se da a entender que él no es mas que un fenómeno mediático que no cuenta con un respaldo verdadero entre la comunidad científica mundial. Principalmente, debido a que dentro de su teoria sobre lo que sucede "después" de un agujero negro, donde él postula que la información no se pierde, pero el tiempo y la materia si.

Enseguida salió un frupo de científicos y "compobaron" que eso era mentira, que la materia solamente llegaba a otro lado. La principal confrontación era saber que pasaba con un agujero negro después de que hubiese tragado todo lo que está a su alrededor. Hawking postulaba que al morir el agujero, todo lo que el se llevaba se perdía, siendo totalmente contrario al postulado clásico de que "la matería no se crea ni se destruye, solo se transforma".

Actualmente, la teoria cuántica moderna le esta dando al traste a ambas posturas, ya que se cree que si una persona "cayera" en un agujero negro, para el "expectador" (figura sumamente importante en la física cuántica) esa otra persona se despedazaría en atomos, pero para la persona que estpa cayendo, absolutamente nada sucedería, el seguiría "existiendo" ya que la información (ya diganlo... el alma) que lo compone no se ve afectada por ls fuerzas del agujero.

Ahora, la NASA ha descubierto que la fuerza y el alcance de un agujero negro es proporcional a la carga de materia que está atrayendo. Esto quiere decir, que en un final, el hoyo negro ya no tendrá que tragar, posiblemente al haber consumido a todo el universo, y se detendrá. Muy posiblemente este sea el principio de la Entropía (proceso contrario a la expansión del universo).

Lo curioso, es que parece que al final de cuentas, la teoria de Hawking no estaba tan errada...
La nota está aqui.

July 24, 2007

Transformer Pig

Click to enlarge


You can't imagine my surprise when i got to work and found out this (it's really amazing... so please have a seat): Michelle sent an E-mail!!!! that really gotta be something!!!! (luv u :P)... plus, the E-Mail had a simple link to one of the coolest thing I've ever seen... the first receptionist robot.

It's called Wakamaru (Shit... should I'd written "he's called..."?, here we go Asimov, here we go...) and it's a semi independant android that can recognize faces, schedules and more important, has the ability to encourage conversation with him. He can identify his position in a certain room by looking up to the ceiling and when "he" feels his energy is running out, he saves some to return to his docking station and reload. He has a continous internet connection and he can send you e-mail and notifications, specially when he is left alone at home and he senses motion around him.

Though Wakamaru (named after a samurai because of his "growt" concept and the eyebrows) isn't even close to any Asimov's AI robots, he is a realistic robot with a defined porpuse. And he should really work, for Mitsubishi (the developer) is planning to use them as receptionist. The main line about Wakamaru is that he not only serves, but he developes a personallity based on his owner's self personallity and schedule. And that is the breakthough, not only assambling pieces, but to have give them the possibility to addapt to it's enviroment.

Here is the english page of Wakamaru, and this is the original link Mich sent me (Fuck robots... she e-mailed me!!!)
damn... I really would love to have a Wakamaru of my own... (commercial break).... you can have yours by 1,000 dollar a day or 25,000 per year..... (end commercial break... silence)

July 23, 2007

Happiness Story

Please click to enlarge

A strange symbol found on a NYC's old building

Well, it certainly is weird to find mysteries on "new" world features. I mean, if a pyramid holds a secret symbol, that's ok... if Dan Brown sells books like maniac using old medieval symbols, that ok....... (well, maybe not that well.....)..... but finding a symbol on a building in NYC is just weird.

As you can see, it really simple. And for me there are just two possible meaning. One: The architect / owner / builder was into some religion and really wanted the building to stand for years holding the symbol. Or... they simply wanted to "draw" something funny on a wall.

Is that unbeliveable? Look around us: we have toys, we pin our walls with posters, we even paint our wall with no apparent reason. Why must everything have a meaning??? (weird thing to hear coming from a designer isn't it?) Perhaps olg egypticians simply liked the triangles... maybe they've had just discovered how to use it and so they decided to practice it on a pyramid... just as we do with hi-tech building that really don't need to be that high, that big, flying over a cayon or with that awesome looking twist in the main body.... we just build them 'cause we want. Cause we feel like it, cause it shows everybody that we can do it.

It'll be far more fun if in a few days somebody says: "Haha, I found the meaning of it!!!"... and surely Dan Brown will already be finishing another useless best seller... but thinking of a simply truth has always brought more results than trying to find the "unknow"....

(suck it up Dan!!!)... and read the full note here

July 19, 2007

Climate Changing for the Olympics

There's no doubt that every single chinesse live by tha code their country has dictated for centuries. Pround, Strong... Stubborn.

As they are hosting the 2008' s Olympics, they not only want to look like a new world lider, but want to show the world their displeasure with nature. China is the greater oppositor of a Anti-Global Warming Plan... and now, for the opening and closeur of the Olympics, they plan to prevent from raining. Simple no?

As they can see in the future (suckers) they know that on both days it's gonna rain heavily in the area, so they'll fire a couple of missiles that will clear the sky from clouds... even though they already have one of the most polluted cities in the world, Beijing, where the games will be hosted.

They just don't get that messing with nature has take us to where we are!!!

I guess their insect-like life has made them believe that after world's end there'll be only cockroaches and chinesse... (i know, i know) I really don't have anything against any specific chinesse... it's just that they pollicies and easy-going laws and applications will really mess it all. If they were (as a country... not as individuals) a tiny country, such a pollicies would really mean a little harm to our world... but they are the single largest country in the world!!!... where the concentration of population is way far from any other country!!!.... where if every single chinesse would toss a single piece of garbage in the street one day, would pollute more than most of the european countries in a week...

PS. I love China... their cultural history, their achievements... but as funny as it may sound.... PLEASE!!!... open you eyes!!!

See a note about the Olympics issue here

July 18, 2007

Brasil, otro avión, otras 200 vidas perdidas.

Un vuelo nacional de Brasil chocó ayer en el aeropuerto de Sao Paulo al intentar aterrizar en una pista mojada. El piloto notó que ya no podía frenar el avión e intentó elevarlo de nuevo.

El avión se salió de la pista, del aeropuerto y fue a dar a una calle bastante transitada y finalmente a una gasolinera y un almacen. 186 personas iban en el vuelo... mas las personas que tuvieron la mala fortuna de pasar por ahí en ese instante. Tres personas de la calle fueron llevadas al hospital y fallecieron (las tres) unas horas mas tarde.

El incendio duró varias horas y no hay ninguna esperanza de encontrar a alguien mas con vida.

Como es de esperarse, el aeropuero cerró los vuelos durante varias horas y un después de reabrir los vuelos, muchos pasajeros se reusaron a abordar.
Lo triste, es que este es el segundo avionazo en menos de un año en esa ciudad de Brasil. 155 personas murieron al chocar un avion comercial y un jet privado hace un par de meses.

A estas horas, los equipos de rescate se han convertido en levanta escombros y las victimas son puestas en congeladores para posterior examen forense... examen que buscará encontrar la identidad de las victimas por medio de sus dientes y joyas que pudieran haber llevado puestas.

Comunmente ante este tipo de accidentes, mi postura es simple... "vuelas, te puedes morir"... pero en este caso, la pista donde intentó aterrizar el avión estaba recien "rehabilitada" y muchas informes de hace un par de dias aseguraban que la pista no estaba en condiciones de recibir aviones bajo lluvia... obvio, el pavimento aun no se había acentado del todo y la lluvia producía que se enlodara... pinche política... pinche economía... el permitir una docena de vuelos mas al día nos acaba de costar 200 vidas inocentes.

... realmente me siento mal.......... de imaginar.... de ponerme en su lugar..... en el lugar de sus familias.... en el lugar de un ciudadano de Sao Paulo que no podrá dormir tranquilo sabiendo que su pinche gobierno prefiere un par de dolares mas a la vida de cualquiera de los que ahí habita...

shit... feel like crying.... better go

July 17, 2007

Let Down

Transport, motorways and tramlines,
starting and then stopping,
taking off and landing,
the emptiest of feelings,
disappointed people, clinging on to bottles,
and when it comes it's so, so, disappointing.

Let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Shell smashed, juices flowing
wings twitch, legs are going,
don't get sentimental,
it always ends up drivel.
One day, I am gonna grow wings,
a chemical reaction,
hysterical and useless
hysterical and

let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Let down,
Let down,
Let down.

You know, you know where you are with,
you know where you are with,
floor collapsing, falling, bouncing back
and one day, I am gonna grow wings,
a chemical reaction, [You know where you are,]
hysterical and useless [you know where you are,]
hysterical and [you know where you are,]

let down and hanging around,
crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.
Let Down / Radiohead

July 16, 2007

Squirt Dementia

As you might imagine, as I wrote "squirt" on every search engine looking for the logo of the soda, I found each and every single image of female eyaculation in this planet :S ... so, instead of searching images I searched on the web... and this page really caught my attention...

Shit!!!!.. you really gotta be fucked up in the head to dedicate a site to something that stupid!!!
...any way... check it.

The main line if this story: The soda companies never ever upload their logos to the web, there are too many people in this world with nothing to do and don't ever call a soda the same as an adult theme xxx issue... even if it has more than 50 years in the market. Cadbury... you're in troubles.

July 08, 2007

El tiempo no pasa en vano...

Muchos años despues... una vida después... puedo decir que nada se ha perdido...
Solo un poco de cabello, condición física, memoria y cordura... de ahí en fuera... que gusto haber estado con ustedes dos el día de hoy.

July 07, 2007

July 7th 2007 (07.07.07) / 14 Tzec / 12 Cimi

Now you see how special dates are only special for the one observating them.
Today being special is only because you may want it to be so. Though it's has always been interesting calculating this dates...

July 06, 2007


The legend tells that he came from the warm waters of the east, flying through the night and enlighting the souls and minds of our people in the time we needed him the most.

Wind of green filled the sky, the Bright Star -Lamat, Venus- shined up in the sky; the red and gold of the Quetzal blinded our eyes, while our hearts became one with the soul of the Feathered Serpent: Kukulkan.

July 05, 2007


Buenas noches mi amor,
que sueñes con plumas verdes y doradas,
con dioses y hechiceros,
con princesas convertidas en flores
y sus guerreros que las cuidan,
con templos y ciudades
y con una vida que vamos a encontrar.

Brain Storm

Super Mario Theme

I found this video yesterday... I haven't even heard it... my speakers are unplugged and I really don't wanna get up to do so... so, I post it and I'll watch it later with sound... but it do look like it's great!!!

July 04, 2007

The Super Mario Bros Super Show... shit again...

Oh Shit!!!

.... I've found this commercial... it's so horrible!!!... and that's why I post it.

July 03, 2007

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

We've been researching some of this great artist looking for some twins or a pair of women... but as I love Toulouse's work, I decided to post some of his great work... this first one is my favorite ever since i first saw it.