July 24, 2007


You can't imagine my surprise when i got to work and found out this (it's really amazing... so please have a seat): Michelle sent an E-mail!!!! that really gotta be something!!!! (luv u :P)... plus, the E-Mail had a simple link to one of the coolest thing I've ever seen... the first receptionist robot.

It's called Wakamaru (Shit... should I'd written "he's called..."?, here we go Asimov, here we go...) and it's a semi independant android that can recognize faces, schedules and more important, has the ability to encourage conversation with him. He can identify his position in a certain room by looking up to the ceiling and when "he" feels his energy is running out, he saves some to return to his docking station and reload. He has a continous internet connection and he can send you e-mail and notifications, specially when he is left alone at home and he senses motion around him.

Though Wakamaru (named after a samurai because of his "growt" concept and the eyebrows) isn't even close to any Asimov's AI robots, he is a realistic robot with a defined porpuse. And he should really work, for Mitsubishi (the developer) is planning to use them as receptionist. The main line about Wakamaru is that he not only serves, but he developes a personallity based on his owner's self personallity and schedule. And that is the breakthough, not only assambling pieces, but to have give them the possibility to addapt to it's enviroment.

Here is the english page of Wakamaru, and this is the original link Mich sent me (Fuck robots... she e-mailed me!!!)
damn... I really would love to have a Wakamaru of my own... (commercial break).... you can have yours by 1,000 dollar a day or 25,000 per year..... (end commercial break... silence)

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