July 23, 2007

A strange symbol found on a NYC's old building

Well, it certainly is weird to find mysteries on "new" world features. I mean, if a pyramid holds a secret symbol, that's ok... if Dan Brown sells books like maniac using old medieval symbols, that ok....... (well, maybe not that well.....)..... but finding a symbol on a building in NYC is just weird.

As you can see, it really simple. And for me there are just two possible meaning. One: The architect / owner / builder was into some religion and really wanted the building to stand for years holding the symbol. Or... they simply wanted to "draw" something funny on a wall.

Is that unbeliveable? Look around us: we have toys, we pin our walls with posters, we even paint our wall with no apparent reason. Why must everything have a meaning??? (weird thing to hear coming from a designer isn't it?) Perhaps olg egypticians simply liked the triangles... maybe they've had just discovered how to use it and so they decided to practice it on a pyramid... just as we do with hi-tech building that really don't need to be that high, that big, flying over a cayon or with that awesome looking twist in the main body.... we just build them 'cause we want. Cause we feel like it, cause it shows everybody that we can do it.

It'll be far more fun if in a few days somebody says: "Haha, I found the meaning of it!!!"... and surely Dan Brown will already be finishing another useless best seller... but thinking of a simply truth has always brought more results than trying to find the "unknow"....

(suck it up Dan!!!)... and read the full note here

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