January 29, 2008

Steady Life

while you waked up,
while you decided if it was to late for breakfast or not,
while you spend useless minutes going to work,
while you worked you ass off in useless making money for others stuff,
while you ate,
while you dragged you body back home,
while you watched pointless t.v.,
while you went to bed, ready for another round...

A giant iron and stone rock was flying through the space, miles per minute, to pass right by your side, to pass by every single thing your life is made of, to pass by your dear humanity.

While you wasted your life is tiny things, an infinite but unrepeatable cosmic event flew right by your side. Today, your life was threatened and your life was blessed.
But you simply lived your steady life.

0 Pax 10 Eb

January 28, 2008

Did you know 02

Did you know that...
In Mexico
the most common male name is Alejandro
and the female is Gabriela
while the surname is Pérez

(also, there are those who are named Adidas, One Dollar and even Microsoft)

Did you know 01

Did you know that...
the most common
male name in the US is James
and the female is Mary
while the surname is Smith

(also, the top 10 of female names is full of Latin origin names,
and Garcia is the 18th in surnames)

Karma Police:

I've given all I can...
all I can...
(is not enough...)
not enough
not enough
I CAN'T (for a minute there...)
I lost myself, I've given all I can.

almost a fool's pray
lost within the infinte.
forgiveness is gone

January 25, 2008

Heath Ledger

It's been a few days since this troubled man but still great actor passed away. To me is important to note his death because, as I see it, he was a victim of his lifestyle, of being an artist...

Ghosts hunts us all, but it's only a reality -a terrible reality- for those who explore themselves to the point to seeking those ghost.

I don't know if he committed suicide and I think that's beyond the point now, the truth is he suffered from being so intense and "edgy" as too many people have described him. Here on this Blog, I've noted how his latest character, the Joker, let him to explore the personality and the vise of this character... guess life it's not to beautiful in that point of view. The shame is he didn't realized that this characters exist as the direct contrast of all the good things around.

The Dark Knight's sites have dedicated to him a space, where you can see here at the official movie site and here at the side page for conceptual publicity.

January 24, 2008

Life on mars... (???)

Two days ago, a London's newspaper published the image of what seems to be a humanoid "life form" on Mars. The pic was taken by Spirit, the surviving of the twins robots rolling on Mar's surface, a year ago. It was released in NASA's website and someone found this "formation" of rocks. And to me, that's what it seems to be, a simple formation, but I gotta admit that it certainly looks as a human.

Here are the images from where they zoomed to find it:

Even though this made front page in many newspapers and Internet websites, there's a whole history of "seeing" things in mars, beginning with the famous Cydonia 's face and pyramids. This "constructions" have been proved wrong, since new HD pics were taken and now we know that the face is nothing but a hill. As for the pyramids, I guess it might be the same, but NASA has not yet released any image of them...

This is the Region of Cydonia as seen by a 4D image processor.

Now, in between this two cases, there's another image from Spirit in which a "skull" seems to be set on the ground. Of course, we're facing the same problem. It might just be a rock shaped liked a skull... or then again, it might be not... hahaha... see the point?, we're just playing Rorschach with outer space images.

Another famous case, is the pic where they thought they'd found a living organism... which turned out to be a simple string of the nylon fabrics of the Spirit crash bags (remember they inflate bags to bounce in ground instead of landing...)

To conclude this little essay, I leave you two pics... One is an image from the Mar's orbiter, where we can cleary see a face on mars surface... further details, read this blog in upcoming days.
And the second image is just to prof that we see whatever we like, that we just arrange elements to fit with our consciousness.

Say Hi!!! Be happy!!!... (shit... hopefully, no martian did this...)

This essay have a lot of sources which I visited long ago, so I didn't really keep the track on them, but you can check any of this info by simply typing "face on mars", "Cydonia", "Life on Mars" in Google searcher... or you can visited any news website right now (probably only on this day, January 25th 2008... :P). But still I leave you the link to the most recent "martian" first publication here.

New Age Kids?

This recent finding is a "most see"...

A child with several failures in her organs got transplants, but doctor thought she might reject the donation because of organic incompatibilities... the result, her blood type changed!!! in order to match the new organ's.
Obviously, this is HUGE!!! we're talking she defies everything science know about our organic composition. To be exact, her DNA intelligently changed to adapt. Metaphysics... serve yourselves.

The main discussion with Quantum Physics is "how does a Quantum (part wave, part particle... depending on the watcher) is able to "know" how must it act", specially, since it's been proved that Quantum are able to communicate among them at what me might call "real time", with no Light Speed limitations.

This subject lead to think that also our DNA is capable of communicate with it's parts and even with other's DNA. Scientific test had been conducted and they are sure it's a reality... but this 15 year old has make it obvious.

What should we think about this? Is she the first case of a "next step" evolution or simply a host of a degeneration that happened to save her life?

For some time now, there are people talking about "Indigo Kids" which they say posses a ability to heal themselves and even others... but they theories had never been proved.

The note is here.

January 21, 2008

Politic Issues

Politics are the evil force of this world. No doubt. If there's kindness and love, there's gotta be a contrast in it. Politics do the job. And in this example, this point of view is more than valid:
A Saudi couple was forced to divorced after a judge decided they couldn't be together... and they can do nothing about it. This proof of human stupidity is here.

Also, Italy is breaking apart by politics differences here.
And, Cuba is forcing Castro to retirement here.

January 18, 2008

4 Cascadas artificiales en NYC

La cu¡dad de Nueva York tiene unnuevo proyecto artístico: El artista Olafur Eliasson planea construir 4 cascadas artificiales en lugares turístico de la ciudad, con la finalidad de atraer aun mas turismo. Para mi, este es un proyecto poca madre.

Pero no se agüiten compatrietas chilangos... ta tuvimos nacimientos, calaveritas, pista de hielo, ofrendas y nuestras tradicionales vacas que no le piden nada a la cascada de la imagen de arriba.......... (shit).

La nota completa está aquí.

January 17, 2008

I Am Legend widget

Puedes jugar o ver fotos de la película, bajar protectores de pantalla o fondos de escritorio...esta buena esta chunche.

January 16, 2008

Emos: en la antesala del Apocalipsis

Mi primo Oscar me acaba de mandar este video... jajajaja

January 14, 2008


El buen señor Rubensinsky me acaba de enseñar este video... La neta, creo que es lo mejor de lo que he visto ultimamente.

January 11, 2008

Contagious! Viral Videos of the

Post 200

Did it!!!...
200 posts and counting.

(yeap... only a few comments all along. At least Mich's helping now.)

PS: Arturo: If you're reading this, I still own you the Engine break diagram.. hahahaha

The first Runway in Antartica

Earth's making smallest each time a human being's born. Nations fights are still over territory and resources.
Well, Australia has completed the first runway on the Antartica, the one continent that, so far, don't belong to anybody. An Airbus landed recently after two years of pre-work on the runway. So far, the missions there are sorely scientific, but we all know that it won't be long before it is reclaimed by several nations, just like America did just a bit more than 500 years ago.

The video is here

About Phone Taps and Asteroids

FBI unpaid phone bill has lead the phone company to literally "cut down" the arrangement between them and stoped helping FBI's phones tapping agenda... hehe

The note is here

In space in news, a few months ago, NASA spotted a meteor that they thought might crashed with Mars. Obviously, the whole world was expecting this... for we would've been able to see (almost is HD) the effects of such tremendous collision.
Unfortunately (for us, not for Mars... ) this meteor will not impact Mars, though it will pass quite near... the point to me here is that they don't know if it will pass 16,000 miles away or just 2,480. In space terms... That's huge! at least it would mean the difference between seeing (from Earth) a meteor passing too close or seeing our world bye bye.

The note is here

January 07, 2008

La solución a todos los problemas

Pa todos los que ya no saben como evitar levantarse todas las mañanas e ir a la escuela y/o trabajo: Den click aquí

Two 2008 good new for the future

For years we've tried to live the 1940's futuristic way of life... these to "next generation" articles might be some examples:

Driverless Car

Jupiter's Europa moon set for examination

January 02, 2008

...by 2009

Well, it's been a while since the last post... 2007 is over and now the brand new 2008 is starting. Not much difference actually.
The real (although merely irrelevant) change will be in 2009, when US will finally switch his TV broadcasting from analogue to digital.
Ever since the invention of TV, transmitting airwaves it's been the main broadcasting signal, but the first great scale switch came with color TV. Even with cable and digital television around, air waves are the "basic" for all TV's.

As for February 2008, every American will need a converting device if their TV does not support digital TV, that's why their "great government" (always worried about their "fellow Americans" best interests) will give away 40 dollars coupons to help those who'll need the converter and can't afford it. Obviously, those selling the devices are quite happy with this issue.

But well, pushing away politics, this change will surely pass to history, for making the world's "must powerful" nation switch fully digital will surely echo to the rest of the world.

See the note here.