January 24, 2008

Life on mars... (???)

Two days ago, a London's newspaper published the image of what seems to be a humanoid "life form" on Mars. The pic was taken by Spirit, the surviving of the twins robots rolling on Mar's surface, a year ago. It was released in NASA's website and someone found this "formation" of rocks. And to me, that's what it seems to be, a simple formation, but I gotta admit that it certainly looks as a human.

Here are the images from where they zoomed to find it:

Even though this made front page in many newspapers and Internet websites, there's a whole history of "seeing" things in mars, beginning with the famous Cydonia 's face and pyramids. This "constructions" have been proved wrong, since new HD pics were taken and now we know that the face is nothing but a hill. As for the pyramids, I guess it might be the same, but NASA has not yet released any image of them...

This is the Region of Cydonia as seen by a 4D image processor.

Now, in between this two cases, there's another image from Spirit in which a "skull" seems to be set on the ground. Of course, we're facing the same problem. It might just be a rock shaped liked a skull... or then again, it might be not... hahaha... see the point?, we're just playing Rorschach with outer space images.

Another famous case, is the pic where they thought they'd found a living organism... which turned out to be a simple string of the nylon fabrics of the Spirit crash bags (remember they inflate bags to bounce in ground instead of landing...)

To conclude this little essay, I leave you two pics... One is an image from the Mar's orbiter, where we can cleary see a face on mars surface... further details, read this blog in upcoming days.
And the second image is just to prof that we see whatever we like, that we just arrange elements to fit with our consciousness.

Say Hi!!! Be happy!!!... (shit... hopefully, no martian did this...)

This essay have a lot of sources which I visited long ago, so I didn't really keep the track on them, but you can check any of this info by simply typing "face on mars", "Cydonia", "Life on Mars" in Google searcher... or you can visited any news website right now (probably only on this day, January 25th 2008... :P). But still I leave you the link to the most recent "martian" first publication here.

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