January 24, 2008

New Age Kids?

This recent finding is a "most see"...

A child with several failures in her organs got transplants, but doctor thought she might reject the donation because of organic incompatibilities... the result, her blood type changed!!! in order to match the new organ's.
Obviously, this is HUGE!!! we're talking she defies everything science know about our organic composition. To be exact, her DNA intelligently changed to adapt. Metaphysics... serve yourselves.

The main discussion with Quantum Physics is "how does a Quantum (part wave, part particle... depending on the watcher) is able to "know" how must it act", specially, since it's been proved that Quantum are able to communicate among them at what me might call "real time", with no Light Speed limitations.

This subject lead to think that also our DNA is capable of communicate with it's parts and even with other's DNA. Scientific test had been conducted and they are sure it's a reality... but this 15 year old has make it obvious.

What should we think about this? Is she the first case of a "next step" evolution or simply a host of a degeneration that happened to save her life?

For some time now, there are people talking about "Indigo Kids" which they say posses a ability to heal themselves and even others... but they theories had never been proved.

The note is here.

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