January 02, 2008

...by 2009

Well, it's been a while since the last post... 2007 is over and now the brand new 2008 is starting. Not much difference actually.
The real (although merely irrelevant) change will be in 2009, when US will finally switch his TV broadcasting from analogue to digital.
Ever since the invention of TV, transmitting airwaves it's been the main broadcasting signal, but the first great scale switch came with color TV. Even with cable and digital television around, air waves are the "basic" for all TV's.

As for February 2008, every American will need a converting device if their TV does not support digital TV, that's why their "great government" (always worried about their "fellow Americans" best interests) will give away 40 dollars coupons to help those who'll need the converter and can't afford it. Obviously, those selling the devices are quite happy with this issue.

But well, pushing away politics, this change will surely pass to history, for making the world's "must powerful" nation switch fully digital will surely echo to the rest of the world.

See the note here.

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