January 25, 2008

Heath Ledger

It's been a few days since this troubled man but still great actor passed away. To me is important to note his death because, as I see it, he was a victim of his lifestyle, of being an artist...

Ghosts hunts us all, but it's only a reality -a terrible reality- for those who explore themselves to the point to seeking those ghost.

I don't know if he committed suicide and I think that's beyond the point now, the truth is he suffered from being so intense and "edgy" as too many people have described him. Here on this Blog, I've noted how his latest character, the Joker, let him to explore the personality and the vise of this character... guess life it's not to beautiful in that point of view. The shame is he didn't realized that this characters exist as the direct contrast of all the good things around.

The Dark Knight's sites have dedicated to him a space, where you can see here at the official movie site and here at the side page for conceptual publicity.

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