July 19, 2007

Climate Changing for the Olympics

There's no doubt that every single chinesse live by tha code their country has dictated for centuries. Pround, Strong... Stubborn.

As they are hosting the 2008' s Olympics, they not only want to look like a new world lider, but want to show the world their displeasure with nature. China is the greater oppositor of a Anti-Global Warming Plan... and now, for the opening and closeur of the Olympics, they plan to prevent from raining. Simple no?

As they can see in the future (suckers) they know that on both days it's gonna rain heavily in the area, so they'll fire a couple of missiles that will clear the sky from clouds... even though they already have one of the most polluted cities in the world, Beijing, where the games will be hosted.

They just don't get that messing with nature has take us to where we are!!!

I guess their insect-like life has made them believe that after world's end there'll be only cockroaches and chinesse... (i know, i know) I really don't have anything against any specific chinesse... it's just that they pollicies and easy-going laws and applications will really mess it all. If they were (as a country... not as individuals) a tiny country, such a pollicies would really mean a little harm to our world... but they are the single largest country in the world!!!... where the concentration of population is way far from any other country!!!.... where if every single chinesse would toss a single piece of garbage in the street one day, would pollute more than most of the european countries in a week...

PS. I love China... their cultural history, their achievements... but as funny as it may sound.... PLEASE!!!... open you eyes!!!

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