September 11, 2007

Salt Water as Fuel

In a discovery that everybody is calling "The greatest in 100 years", a doctor that was researching possible cures for cancer, discovered that with radio frequency he could burn the salt in water uo to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is HUGE!!!!

We're talking that the greatest resource in this planet is exploitable as a fuel and it is also regenerable. We could use as much water as needed and still have enough for thousands of generations. This might be, if proved right, the solution to long term Global Warming and it is also a great breakthrough as far a alternative technologies, for a couple of years ago, this discovery would've been kept by the big oil companies.

Let's just remember that the first fuel for machines was water, as vapor. And it really worked. The main issue was the need for wood or carbon to ignite and vaporize water. This problem is now solved by radio frequency wich only needs a thind electric impulse to work.

Hopefully, this will be the discovery that will change our way of life.

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