September 23, 2007

Why Not?

NASA has discovered seven big caves over Mars surface. They are by the tallest mountain in the whole planet and they might be huge. As in Earth, caves do preserve heat in the cold nights of mars and keep from the extreme heat/radiation that the unprotected atmosphere of mars present during day time. This kind of caves might have had, or still might have, living organism.

But NASA scientist discard this seven caves, nicknamed "Seven Sisters", for they are too high and (I quote) "Live can't be supported at that high". Of course caves would seem like a familiar spot for the first people on mars, and of course a cave at that high might be not useful, but as for Martian life... why not???

Live have show us that it can hang on anywhere, even when we thought seas where too deep or volcanoes too hot, it has managed to go on. Interesting and almost philosophical issue... Here's the note.

PS. Please notice that this Seven Sisters are almost perfectly round... mmmm

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