August 31, 2007

Flying Cars

The name is Moller's Skycar M400, and it may pass to history as the first flying car ever sold. It was build by Paul Moller and it's the first vehicle that will really be of personal use and that can actually make a change in the way we live, sort of like the change from horses to cars.

The M400 is build by hi tech materials and is equipt with a GPS that does the navigation easier. Also, it comes along with a parachute and a huge airbag that would deploy from below the craft in case of a crash.
Although the idea is quite old -Ford predicted it...- having the necessary infrastructure for this kind of transportation is the hard part.

That's why, NASA (probably in an attempt to be usefull to it's nation again) has declared that they own the technology to trace sky lines in order to create sky highways... like in Blade Runner....

It is said that this car has actually achieved 600 mph... but on this video we can barely see it take off. I leave it to you... but the fact is that in a short while makind's way of living may change just as it did more than 100 years ago with Henry Ford.

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