April 13, 2007

The chicken T-Rex

Well, it was the king of it's era. One of the biggest predators in prehistory, but still, it turns out that it evolved into our beloved and always funny chickens.
This -as funny as it may sound- it's a "milestones" for the arqueology as we know it, for the way it was discovered. There have been discoveries that prehistoric animal's fossils (rock and minerals that cover the actual bone and then replace it in shape) aren't quite build as we believed. Now, we're founding that there are real dinosaurs bones out there. An even more sorprising, there are pieces of dinausar skin within the bone. This is how the chicken/T Rex relation was found.
Of course, the theory of dinausaurs evolving into birds have been around for a while. But this is the evidence of this. Besides, the study of dinasaurs have stop being exclusive por paleonthology, but moved to the biochimistry.
One of those events that will surely leave a mark in our future understanding and colective knowledge.


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