March 22, 2007

What we believe

Recently, I've been researching about some theories about human origen in this planet. From archeological info to religious and ethnical.
Who can really tell us what happened back then?
Science has it theory. It is call evolution. Religion (each and everyone of them) has Creation.
But the merging point between them is call "Comun Fact". Things have happened on Earth that has been recordered in humanity's pre and historical memory as well on phisical evidences on Earth.
Let's take a quick and easy example. The big flood. Moises saved mankind by building a gigant ship (I believe that the animals are metaphorical). Greeks told of the Water Punishment and Mayan's first try for mankind was erased from earth by a flood.
Almost every religions holds that in some point a flood took over the entire planet and destroyed everything men had done that far.
Plus, there´s another theory about a "Planet X" which could very well be the asteroid belt we know. Mayans had a time cicle of 52 years, which in a time culture that counted every single thing they could, is the only one non related with any astral or earth event. Tradicionally, every 52 years gods were suppoused to return. Also Egypt and Syria had knowledge of this planet.
This means that human, in some point or the other, knew the existance of this planet and we were here for it's destruction or... some one told us.
There's a theory about what is call the Ancient Astronauts. Mainly it talks about advanced civilations that might have come to Earth in the early years of man and taught us how to improve our live style. The theory evocates that this civilation may have come from the Planet X or from another planet that is believed (many religions also believe this) which orbit is far bigger than any other in our solar system and only come close every once in a while.
Of course, as usual, this theory holds a great deal of rivals, mainly in the scientific circles. They say this theory does nothing but take away the credit of great civilizations that made great achiviments by hard working and creative thinking.
My point:
What to believe? Non of the two theories of human evolution (culturally speaking) completely explain why those things took place. I can't trust any of them. I'd take an archeologist to discover a stone under some temple which would read something like "mankind first came to be because..." Of couse it would have to be in english, perfectly preserved and bulletproof... and still some would deny it's telling the truth.
Let me example this. Some days ago, someone found a piece of map, in a library in Italy, lost in time, which proofs that portuguese sailors first discovered Australia, long before the English or the Dutch. The note is here. What would it be of history if this man hadn't discovered this. We would've grown believing some english discovered Australia. Traduct this to a planetary scale.
All I'm saying is to leave the possiblities open. Don´t close yourself in a world discribed by idiots (like me) that guide you through life.
The real things are there. Is up to us discover what is really their meaning and make sure that future generation won't specualte with us.

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