March 26, 2007

38 hours of render... shit

Michael Bay is finishing the Transformers movie, up to open July 4th. As we know, the aproach to the concept is to really have car sized robot on screen... at least, for there are helicopters, trailers... (does any one know what Megatron is... I remember him being a giant gun...).
Obviously, all robots are CGI, but photorealistic CGI's so the render time grew up to 38 hours PER FRAME. For those of you that might not know what this means... render is a process where 3D software interpretates all the lightning, shadows, reflections, refraction, transparency, radiosity (the bounced light from one object to another) and almost every property real life material have. A movie uses 24 frames per seconds to create the animation illusion... this means that every second we see, we're seeing in fact 24 frames passing soo fast that our brain is unable to see each image and creates the "inbetweens" of the images. TV, or general video, uses aproximatly 30 frames per second. Now, Transformers will be a feature leght film, this means about 2 hours. Obviously, we will not see CGI all the time, but at least 75 minutes of the film. Calculating, that each frame would've taken about 18 hours (for not every frame takes the same in render) ... THAT's TOO LONG!!!....
This movie really is gotta be huge.

Michael Bay's Commentary

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