March 23, 2007


The stupid war in Middle East will be over. US Congress has voted 218-212 for the withdraw of the troops over there. By September 2008, the troops must be at home.
A light of hope?
Mayan's had a prophecy, in wich the world as we know it will end in 2012-2013, a judgement will be conducted, personally and as the one entity we are here on Earth. How we result judged, will be the fate of our future "life".
We've done a great harm to our planet by exploit it and pollute it without any care. We've multiplied by two in the last 100 years. We've killed our selves at great scale almost the same time since. Not like we'd deserve a second chance around right?
But, this is most personally, I feel like there's a change. People, possibly by fear, feel more interest in this issues and really try to make up. Of course, this ancient prophecy (wich has turned out to be very accurate) is not known by all, wich proofs that this might actually be happening.

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