May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3

I just got home from watching this movie, and after years of waiting and expectation (specially for the character involved in this one) I must say: SHIT!!!!
I really tried to see the movie from all my possible angles: As a film maker, as a film critic, as an VFX lover, as fan, as regular audience... and none worked.
The main problem of it is that it is a forced film... the third part of a sucessful franchise that needed to close the trilogy to leave free pass to the uncoming superhero films.

Now, I find that this movie an X3 sort of have the same feelling... kindda epic but reduced to some semi-significant scenarios and characters. For example: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's private life first is introduced to the film as a main line, just to get cut by too much not so significant acts that just make the movie change wilderly from tempo... in other words, the relations have too many up and downs.

As for the VFX, well, they really are great... specially the symbion and the sand (they really worked out the particles in both). But they were so refined that it turned annoying, specially since Spiderman wears the mask only one third of the film... the rest in Toby McGuire in silks... or Peter Parker fighting a "Gobblin JR"... wich is hard to acomplish in 3D because of the cloths he was wearing.
As for to Venom... shit... I so waited to see him on screen... but at the end he turned out to be nothing special. As a matter of fact (and I must cry while writting this) he's the worst of the movie.

Clichefull (nice word), predictable, extremely light...

This film should've been a complete drama. Peter Parker fighting his darkside and all the damage he could've made if only he'd let go... instead, we have a ridiculous Toby dancing like a Hip Hop whore downtown NYC.

A shame this ended up like this...

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