May 24, 2007

4D Image in Hospitals?

A canadian enterprise has developed for six years a new kind of medical scan, which is in fact a 3D volumetric image of a human body, which can be seen form any angle and can be tear in layers in order to see all the organs, muscles, bones, etc. of the body. To begin with, this ain't (it can't be) a 4D image, for our senses can't persive more than three, but this "smart ass" developers say it is 4D because of it's ability to show you different "times" in the model. This means, you can see what you looked like two weeks ago and how you look now... shitty isn't it... but any way... the main point of this model, is that looking it through some special 3D lenses, you can actually persive the depth of it, as if it where standing right in front of you. Something like Final Fantasy: Spirit Within machine that is used to locate alien live within the body of the characters... which is really close.

The system is great, it allows medical staff to practice before an operation, or to layer out parts of the brain to study it without having to wait for a corpse to arrive.
The only bad thing is the name... beyond that, I think is a great breakthrough invention, which in time surely will be available in every hospital (right now, there's only one). See the note here

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