January 22, 2007


Interstellar dust turned into tiny live giving atoms that led us to be.

The cosmic instant that drived our faith, fears and desires... the endless repeated sound thar echoes from beyond to our semi-developed primitive ear.

We look to the stars ever since we realized what our eyes are for, we marveled at the deep of space and the powerful shine of too far away stars.

"God" we called... "Mother Earth"... "Mighty Reason"

None answered our nano-voiced pray. Now we gaze up to the stars again. Seeking, hoping. A new home... a clean world to destroy. We look to the skies and once again we see what we wish we were. Far more civilized. Far more advanced.
We look to the space and we see our selves in a million light years. We see our destruction, and we take our eyes to the ground and see we're simply not meant to be.

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