January 28, 2007


Today, finally, I got to see it. What can I tell you... Buzz is never up to the challenge. Nor one side or the other. Neither it is the best movie I've ever seen, or the the worst and most violent film ever made.
I've always been close to the mayan culture. Always admire it.
To me, it is an honor for the world to grab a glance of what that great culture was.
They do were cruel. They did sacrificed. But they also did crated the more precise calender ever concived (and the more complex) and developed a great scientific way of live.
As for a movie?
It simply sets an interestign story in the mayan time line. This is not a documentary.

But for me... Having the chance to take a bit look at what the mayans might've been, it's more than enough.

Just remember, Baktun 13 is the age of remembering, of finding their old ways back.

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