January 25, 2007

sad reality in the dark

We all know how things are doing in our city.
No pollitician can tell us things are doing fine while we only need to step outside and see that nothing's fine at all.
Here's what I believe might happen with this polliticians.
If you take a look to this photo, you only see a night shot at a street near by Reforma.

No big deal.
But if you level it, decontrast it and desaturate it, you will see a man sleeping in a concrete box in the ground. Maybe it was for a tree or for public lighting, but now, in the early years of the 21st century, it is the bed for a man that has nothing better.

We might just buy a fucking Photoshop for every pollitician in town, so maybe they'd change the level, contrast and saturation of every street and come to see what reality is like... or maybe we should think a bit more about elections we make every day considering our rulers and our own actions.
Think about it... and please buy Photoshop...

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