June 06, 2007

A new Cold War?

The G-8 in now in Germany. The main subject to discuss is the Global Warming, but it seems that Mr. Bush is (once again) far more interested in war. During this sessions, Rusia (being a "guest" among the other 8) has declared that they are not pleased at all with US placing missiles on European ground, specially so close to them. This "Missile Shield" US is setting, serves as a defence againts a possible middle east attack, specially since Iran has not yet granted access to the UN to check their Nuclear Weapons Program. But we all know missiles didn't born like a defensive system, and that's why russiand are all freaked out.

So, as a result, Russia has now announced that they'll set another defense system, and China is following them. This actions have just brought back the felling of a Cold War. I mean, the US sets a defense system, Russia and China do the same, now US have to respond to it with a better "anti-defense" system... and so on.
Bush is playing nice now, saying Mr. Putin is actually and allied and that this tension is only because of a difference between the two countries. Wish I could hear Putin's words abou that, specially since the Anti-USA felling has been growing in Asia and Europe.

Once again, it's a shame that we might very well be facing the end of mankind as we know it because of Global Warming, and our leaders are finding way to stab each other on the back.
Fuck pollitics.

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