June 14, 2007

Mars had water

In a sort of official announcemet, NASA scientist have declared that there's evidence that at least one third of martian soil was once an ocean bottom.

This is being a subject long ago discussed, that really came to attention when the Mars' Rovers got to analyse real martian ground samples. But the fact that make this scientist turn to this conclution is that there are visible shorelines near the ecuator. But this massive oceans (it's believed that there were at least to of them) weren't just near the ecuator. Some research has brought the idea that this oceans were visible like a billion years ago, so, the planet has deformed because of it's gravity force making his cliffs and shorelines more "edgy" near the poles.

This have kindda sense. Now the question turns to "where's all that water?" for that amount of water is unlikely to have vapored into space and if it is inside the planet, the density scans on that planet should've told us already that it is there.

A big step, no doubt, for understanding how that planet became what it is today means we can try not to take our little planet to the same level... just imagine, what if Mars' water didn't dry... what if someone took it all... waste it, burned it...

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