February 22, 2007

Powder sized microship... on all of us.

I've been in touch with some groups, mainly in London, that are concern about the privacy invation pollitics that both US and UK are taking in step.
Though it is really first steped, this new "homeland security" pollicies invade privacy in order to "guaranty" domestic safe and keep track of "unwanted" individuals within the nation.

But we all know this new rules will surely be used, if not already, to spy, blackmail and enrich some pollitic bastards.

Now, in early 2007 (fuck... been saying it for some time ago) future's got us and James Bond must be quite "enchanted" with this new gadget Hitachi will launch soon. A powder sized microchip with the capability of recieve and tranfer remote information via radiowaves.
We've been using this technology for some time... electronic ID cards, Toll cards... swift the card, and your whole credit score flashes on screen... swift it again and you may pass.
The point here is that this new ultra reduced size transmitter may very well be imposed on you... a bill, a gift... your food. I mean... it is powder size right?... I might serve you dinner with a bit of salt and a bit of transponders... you won't ever realize it.

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